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21. Februar 2008
MaxDB ab Version 7.7 nicht mehr Open Source, aber weiterhin frei verfügbar

15. Februar 2008
Talend bindet MaxDB an seine ETL-Umgebung an (nächste Beta-Version (Mar/08) verfügbar).

29. Januar 2008
Anwendergruppe für MaxDB gegründet

28. Januar 2008
BluePrint of OMDG HomePage

18. Januar 2008
BluePrint of OMDG Forum

10. Januar 2008
Foundation of Open MaxDB-Group

Hinweis: Der Administrationsteil liegt derzeit nur in englischer Sprache vor.

Database Administration (Release 7.6 ff)

Database administration in a company covers a variety of tasks. The important ones are

  • Reliability of operation
    • Creation, alternation and deletion of database instances and their database users
    • Backup and recovery of database instances
    • Monitoring of database instances and their database users
  • Performance management

To support these administration tasks MaxDB offers the tool Database Manager (DBM – Windows GUI) or Database Studio (Eclipse based GUI, which includes the SQL Studio functionality as well). A command line interface (CLI) supports use within procedural languages like windows command scripts, Unix Shells or Perl and Python scripts.
The following sections give an overview about the administration of MaxDB and its tools.

This section covers all administration topics to get started. Refer to special topics in the system documentation of MaxDB:

  • Some internal topics
    • Page layout and organization of data and log volumes
    • SQL optimizer behaviour
    • Dictionary storage
    • Optimized logging technique
  • Hot Standby Server (HSS)
  • Snapshots

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